Quiz: Are You Really A Happy Person Inside?

Many of us have the concept of happiness confused with having checked off the superficial boxes that social norms impose and define as being happy. And some of us are just too busy tending to various expectation that we and others have of us, across our various capacities – as parents, siblings, children, professionals, etc. Many who appear to ‘have it all’, in reality, live with the greatest sense of void within. And many others, simply make do with the little they have and sleep each night with a smile on their face! What about you? Are you really a happy person on the inside? Take this Quiz and find out!

Pick Your Honest, Most-Likely Answers by selecting a ‘Y’ (Yes) or ‘N’ (No):

  1. I believe my life will truly begin when the right person or right situation presents itself [Y/N]
  2. When I reminisce about people in my life, I linger more on those who have hurt or disappointed me. [Y/N]
  3. Even when things are going well, I somehow know this will not last for long and something or the other will go wrong. [Y/N]
  4. People close to me often tell me to stop taking myself so seriously and loosen up. [Y/N]
  5. When things don’t go as per plan it upsets me greatly. [Y/N]
  6. I’m a worry-wart and get stressed easily [Y/N]
  7. Fear comprises a huge part of my decisions and behaviour. [Y/N]
  8. I feel greater pleasure receiving a gift than giving one. [Y/N]
  9. I’m often consumed with feelings of guilt or anger. [Y/N]
  10. If I don’t have enough money or love, then I can’t feel secure. [Y/N]
  11. I’m unable to express myself assertively and I get taken for granted. [Y/N]
  12. I’m lackadaisical about taking charge of my health which is an area of concern. [Y/N]
  13. I’m unclear about the purpose and meaning of my life. [Y/N]
  14. I rarely feel a sense of contentment or gratitude. [Y/N]
  15. When I hear of the success or promotion of a friend or colleague, I feel more envious of them, than happy for them. [Y/N]
  16. I tend to mistrust people easily. [Y/N]
  17. Most mornings I wake up feeling drabby, not much to look forward to. [Y/N]
  18. I do not regularly practice a hobby/passion. [Y/N]
  19. I’m wary of my friends and they’re wary of me! [Y/N]
  20. I travel at least once a year – locally or otherwise [Y/N]
  21. I’m an introvert and I prefer it this way. [Y/N]
  22. I cringe to look at myself naked in the mirror – I’m ashamed. [Y/N]
  23. I don’t feel appreciated adequately at home/at work [Y/N]
  24. I find it difficult to live in the moment and am usually consumed with the future [Y/N]
  25. I am unable to share close bonds with my family. [Y/N]


 Your Results:

Calculate the total number of ‘N’s or No’s that you’ve selected. If the number of No’s you’ve scored are:

 20 & Above: You’re a happy, happy soul! You’re a beacon of positivity and you’re bubbliness and vibrancy is contagious! People love having you around and you are a favourite amongst friends, family, colleagues! You shoo away the blues! Most of your relationships do well and you can be trusted for your honesty. You’re definitely the favourite parent to your children!

Between 14 – 19: You’re happy but with a bit of self doubt which actually ends up making you more adorable. You’re the 3:00 am friend everyone reaches out to. You value relationships greatly and are known for your grace and discretion. You can sometimes be taken for granted in relationships. You need to be just a little more assertive.

Between 7 – 13: There’s a fair level of stress and concern that you live with – most people will not be able to handle that for too long. You should try to trust more openly, but even more than that, you should learn to express yourself honestly and without drama. Relationships could be an area of concern. You will have very few real friends. Keep your heart and mind open to good things happening!

6 & Lower: Even you know this is not a fun way to live – you could be veering towards being depressed. Temper tantrums and self-pity will make it toxic for you. Making friends and keeping friends might be a challenge. Your unreal expectations in relationships will often lead to their downfall. You need to be more self-assured, else you will become increasingly controlling and dependent on people around you. Focus on what makes you happy on the inside, and go after it! 




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