Rustom Framana Agiary Celebrates 90th Salgreh

The Rustom Framana Agiary celebrated its glorious 90th Salgreh on 23rd March, 2019. The auspicious occasion saw the Agiary adorned in gorgeous, fresh floral decorations and beautiful ‘chalk’ designs. Attended by over a hundred humdins, the evening started with a Jashan at 5:30 pm, post which the Trustees of the Agiary – Furzeen Jassawalla, Dinshaw Tamboly, Mithoo Jesia, Nasha Jassawalla, Hosi Sinor and Jimmy Misty – were felicitated by Zal Jussawalla, son of Managing Trustee, Nasha Jussawalla.

Chief Guest, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia spoke eloquently on the topic, ‘How To Gain Maximum Benefits When Visiting An Agairy’, providing useful insights into some of the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when visiting an Agiary. The talk was followed by a Hama Anjuman Machi which was attended by the Trustees of the Agiary. The evening concluded with the distribution of chasni for all the attendees, who cherished the serene atmosphere and returned home with a sense of peace.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Nasha Jussawalla, dynamic Trustee of Rustom Framna Agiary, said, “We the Trustees, along with our manager Kaizad, always strive to ensure that the environment in the Agiary is clean, calm and conducive for prayer. I am ever grateful to our behdins of Dadar Parsi Colony, and my Co-Trustees for their constant support and guidance throughout the year. It is our great honour to serve our respected Padsha Saheb.”

Sharing his experience, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia said, “I have been visiting the Rustom Framna Agiary since I was a kid, and have grown up under its benevolent warmth, seeking its benign blessings. I have always approached the sacred fire whenever I have needed help, support or succour. Whenever I have felt lonely or isolated, I’ve found it very comforting to be in the presence of the fire. Visiting this Agyari and standing before the fire, looking at the embers and flames, is an experience to cherish, as it gives me peace, relaxation and joy.”

Rustom Framana Agiary was the brainchild of Rustomji Nasservanji Rustom Framana, who relocated to Mumbai from Agra in the early 1900s. Unfortunately, he passed away before the Agiary was constructed, leaving the responsibility to his brother-in-law Rustomji Jassawalla, the great grandfather of the Agiary’s current Managing Trustee, Nasha Jussawalla.


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