Suryadatta Lifetime Achievement Award For Dr. Farokh Master

Dr. Farokh J Master was awarded the ‘Suryadatta Lifetime Achievement Award 2019’ on February 7, 2019, by the Suryadatta Group of Institutes, Pune, in recognition of his yeoman service towards propagation of the Homeopathic system of medicine and being the first Indian MD in Homeopathy with a special interest in treatment of diseases with advanced pathology. Dr. Master is a practicing Homeopath, author of several books and research papers and a teacher with over three decades of experience in India and abroad. He has been the recipient of numerous National and International awards for his services to humanity.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Dr. Farokh Master said, “Awards are not the only markers of success; I don’t judge myself based on them. I believe that each doctor has his own mental trophies.”

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