WZO Trusts Distributes Provisions In 55 Gujarat Villages

Team WZO Trusts undertook its annual food grain distribution programme across fifty-five villages of South Gujarat, distributing food grains and utility items to two hundred and eighty-five families in need, across 17-19 February, 2019. The provisions provided per each family included Wheat (15 kg); Moong (5 kg); Chana Dal (5 kg); Masoor (5 kg); Moong Dal (5 kg); Toor Dal (10 kg); Groundnut oil (15 L); Tea (1 kg); Sugar (2 kg); Blankets (2); Towels (2); Napkin (3); Tooth-paste (2 tubes); and Tooth-brushes (2 pieces, with the last two items provided complimentary from Colgate, courtesy Dr. Porus Turner.

Each family was given a package valued at Rs.6,500/- as per the mentioned details. The food grain quantities would suffice the need of each family for at least two to three months. The total expenses amounted to Rs.1,850,000 (Rupees eighteen lakhs fifty thousand) of which Rs. 12,50,000 (Rupees twelve lakhs fifty thousand) were received from The Trustees of Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton and Macao and the balance from miscellaneous donors. WZO Trusts express sincere gratitude to all donors for their continuous support over the years in this humanitarian exercise.

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