XYZ’s Vessel-A-Thon – A Grand Success!

XYZ (Xtremely Young Zoroastrians), under its MAD (Make A Difference) Initiative, titled ‘XYZ Vessel-a-thon’ organised a vessel collection drive, aimed at providing vessels to all in the city who eat off newspapers and cannot afford to buy vessels to cook or eat in.

Over the last 3 weeks you have been reading about this drive in the Parsi Times – our Media Partner – which has greatly supporter this initiative and ensure that everyone in our community is aware of this drive.

On Sunday, 24th February, 2019, ‘XYZ Vessel-a-thon’ saw over 100 XYZ members get together with parents, volunteers and friends, and visit 25 different colonies and locations across Mumbai, between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm. They collected a whopping 14,758 vessels comprising pots, pans, cookers, bowls, dishes, plates, spoons, cups, etc. all in usable condition to provide relief to Mumbai’s under-privileged.

Founder of XYZ, Hoshaang Gotla, said, “This initiative was to make our youngsters understand the power and fulfilment in service. We planned the drive of collecting vessels from within the Parsi community but hope to set the precedent for numerous other communities and organisations to follow suit in helping a larger section of society. I’m glad that the children of our small community are making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.”

XYZ sent the collected vessels to NGOs like Goonj, Hamara Footath, WWH (We Will Help Charitable Foundation at Aarey Milk Colony), Oscar Foundation at Machimar Nagar and a few others to be distributed amongst people in need and help ease their lives. Donations amounting to almost Rs. 3 lakhs will be channelized into providing brand new utensils to Parsi Old Age Homes and organisations like Ahura Support. Special vessels will also be donated to the animals at the BSPCA.

The reason this event was called Vessel-a-thon is because it was a marathon of vessels. A marathon is 42 km and that was the distance our XYZs covered between Colaba and Thane collecting the vessels. This mammoth feat was achieved in less than 3 hours and that is generally the time taken to complete a marathon as well!

 XYZ would like to thank the Trustees and Committee Members of various associations for providing us venue at no cost – The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, Cusrow Baug, Khareghat Colony, Godrej Baug, Gamadia Colony, Lady Engineer School, Tata Colony, Captain Colony, Jer Baug, Ranina Nursery, Rustom Baug, Navroze Baug, Hilla Tower, AH Wadia Baug, Tata Mills CHS, DPYA School, JB Vachha School, Contractor Baug, Khan Estate, The Avabai F. Petit Girls’ High School, Bandra Tata Blocks, Salsette Parsi Colony, Behram Baug, Bharucha Baug, Cama Park, Panthaky Baug, Malcolm Baug, Parsi Punchayet Complex Goregaon, Patell Apartments and Ahuna CHS, Thane. XYZ would like to thank Jeroo Buhariwala and the team at Buhariwala International Relocations for providing the Transport and labour for the drive absolutely free of cost. XYZ also thanks Media Partner Parsi Times for their continued cooperation for our cause.

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