ZAC Celebrates Avan Yazad Nu Parab

On March 24th, 2019, the members of ZAC (Zoroastrian Association of California) celebrated Avan Yazad nu Parabh by offering sugar and prayers at the Sunset Beach in California, USA. It was heartwarming to see Parsis, across the seven seas, participate in this auspicious traditional practice, across all ages – from 9 years of age to the ripe age of 84, as part of the ‘Jarthosti Tolo’ reciting Faraziyat prayers. This was followed by Avan Ardavisur Niyaesh led by Er. Zarrir Bhandara.

The group included FEZANA Assistant Gen Secretary, Xerxes Commissariat, Treasurer Rooky Fitter, ZAC VP Nauzer Commissariat and others. The occasion concluded, in pure bawa sytle with food – with a potluck spread of snacks and hot tea served at Khushroo and Rooky Fitter’s house.

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