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When Doctors Plea For An Ailing Hospital…

Dear Readers,

Pleas and Hospitals go hand in hand – in a hospital, it is not uncommon for relatives and close well-wishers of patients to plead with doctors to help mend the deteriorating health of a loved one who’s ailing. This would probably be the first time ever, that we have doctors of great repute coming together and pleading to help repair the deteriorating health of a legendary, community hospital. As a community, we take great pride in having achieved many ‘firsts’ – this would not be one of them.

Thirty-seven leading members of the medical fraternity associated with the B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital (PGH) addressed a letter to the Parsi Press dated 2nd April, 2019, sharing an appeal (Pg. 2) to Hong Kong based donors Pervin and Jal Shroff and the Gurgaon-based Medanta Group, “to extend their time limit till better reason, understanding, good will and harmony prevail”; while urging the “naysayers, sceptics, detractors, opponents…. to relook, with a true and open mind, that all aspects of the community welfare are secure, and then be honest and fair and permit the project to go through with their blessings.”

The extremely generous philanthropists, the Shroffs, pledged USD 22.5 million to construct a new cosmopolitan hospital to be managed by Medanta, with PGH receiving a yearly amount and a percentage of the new venture’s turnover. But, with two appeals filed before the Charity Commissioner opposing this proposal, things cannot move forward. The Shroffs and Medanta had given the PGH Management till March 31, 2019, to resolve differences within the community, post which their commitment would be withdrawn.

Parsi Doctors are amongst the best and are highly revered across our Community, country and globally. A number of them who selflessly serve at the PGH, have shared heart-felt concerns about our 107-year-old hospital – a community legacy which has unfortunately been crumbling over the years in terms of services, staff and equipment, in line with our dwindling population. The Hospital is still the refuge of the destitute, despite the drying financial resources, and its faithful doctors are requesting that we look at the ground realities, “… the B.D. Petit Parsee General Hospital is at the edge of a precipice, its long-term existence is at stake. At stake is the healthcare of the community, specifically of the poor and needy.”  The time to act is now. Let’s take heed of the doctors’ prescription before it’s too late. Again.

And now for some good news… Parsi Times is privileged to be at the forefront of all connects, causes and kudos when it comes to our community’s dashing youth. Here’s wishing heartiest congratulations to two dynamic and spirited gems of our community, youth icons – Jamshed Bhagwagar (Pg. 20) and Ashoi Dantra (Pg. 8) – for doing our community and the nation proud with their outstanding accomplishments! Read all this and more, in your favourite weekend-read, Parsi Times.

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– Anahita

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