Let Me Scatter The Dark Clouds Of Gloom And Radiate Cheer!

Stress of hard circumstances and sad experiences and sorrows and sufferings breeds gloom in man and breaks his nerves. He quails under misfortune and sinks into despondency. Despondency paralyses his will, eats his heart, and poisons his life. Brooding over his sufferings increases his torment.

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla

When depression steals over my spirits and disappointment sours me and embitters me, prevent me then, Thou great Comforter, from seeking morbid peace by brooding discontentedly upon my melancholy. Let me not be moody and morose in spirit. Let me not be subject to periodic elation and depression. Let not morbid gloom overpower me. When gloom hangs over my heart and dark despair tortures me and spreads her wings around me, let me not be abandoned to despair, but strengthen me to fight it and shake it off from me. Spare me always from the strain of pessimism, my God.
Let me not brood over my worries. Let me not tremble at them. Let me forget them and bury them in my work. When I feel aweary of life, cheer me and enthuse me and hearten me. Help me to be excellent in spirit. Refresh and revive my drooping spirit. Let me smile and let me laugh that I can keep up my spirit.
Let the warm sunshine of joy melt the snow of sorrow that chills my heart. Cheer is fragrant, cheer is blossom, cheer is enlivening, cheer is sunshine for the weary. Let cheerfulness be my constant companion in my daily industry and work. Bless me with the exuberance of vitality that makes life cheerful.
The grass and the trees and the wind and the waves and the birds, all sing and smile and laugh. Let me join in the chorus and do what the whole nature does. Let my heart be filled with the rapturous joys of life and sing with gaiety. Let my soul be aflame with unbounded joy. Let tumultuous joy thrill my heart. Let me always be jovial and pleasant. Give me physical, mental, and spiritual overflowing of enthusiasm that makes life’s cup brimful of joy and cheer!
Laugh is stimulant. Laugh is tonic. Cheer and joy and laughter conduce to health and vigor and happiness. Let me then laugh and let me laugh lustily. Let me laugh until my chest shakes with hilarity. Let me spread cheer all around that gloom and sorrow may wither and perish. Let me smile that others may smile. Let me laugh that others may laugh. Help me to attain to Thy divine joy, that I may communicate my joy to others and brighten and sweeten their lives, Ahura Mazda!

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