Letters to the Editor

RIP Dear Parvara

Our entire community was shocked and devastated upon hearing of the sad demise of little Parvara Kapadia a few weeks ago, in an unfortunate accident. We all stand with the bereaved parents and family in their hour of grief. I would like to share a small poem in the cherished memory of Parvara’s departed soul in the hope it offers some consolation.

No one knew that morning
That God would call your name,
In life you were loved dearly,
In death, it will be the same.
Your day began with cheer,
You were off on your way to draw
A lovely picture that was in your mind
Which, on WhatsApp, we all later saw.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
Dear innocent, lovely child,
Your pretty, angelic heart-shaped face
With that unforgettable smile.
We will always hold you in our hearts,
As eyes moisten with silent tears,
Your memory will linger on and on,
Through the oncoming years.

By Meher Parvez Sutaria



Thank You For Promoting A Helpful Cause

I would sincerely like to thank you for creating awareness on Pureganic through Mr. Nariman Bacha. Such noble and sincere endeavour helps to promote good health and happiness for all of us, which is the need for today’s stressful lifestyle.

The Haldi and Tulsi Ark has greatly benefited me and my husband. My husband was having severe acidity accompanied with pain. These two combinations in a glass of water early morning, helped to control it. The Wheatgrass powder too helped to reduce the acidity problem. My husband, after depositing a small amount of Brahmi Nasal drops at the entrance of his nasal passage helped him with breathing. He always had one of the nostrils completely blocked and this always resulted in a troubled sleep. This has cured him of this malady and increased his energy levels with a quality lifestyle. The Brahmi Honey and Bilona Gir Cow (A2) pure Ghee are excellent, which our entire family has started using and we even gifted to our relatives. My sincere thanks to Team Pureganic and I wish them all the best.

I urge Parsi Times readers to contact Nariman Bacha on 9820812244, to avail the benefit of 100% organic and natural health food products by Pureganic, for a healthy body and mind.

Veera Rao

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