Panchgani’s Chokshi Dar-e-Meher Celebrates 88th Salgreh

The Seth Nanabhoy Bejonji Chokshi Dar-e-Meher in Panchgani, one of the world’s geographically highest located Agiary [around 4300ft above MSL], celebrated its 88th Salgreh on 22nd April, 2019. It was heartening to see Zarthostis coming in good numbers for the the Khushali nu Jashan which was performed at 10:00 am by Panthaki Er. Hoshang Bhandara, joined by his grandson, Er. Taronish Kotwal. The Jashan prayers which lasted for over an hour and ended with a Humbandagi. The attendees enjoyed a round of chashni and light refreshments.

Trustees Darab Bajina and Dr. Navroze Kotwal made a special mention of the good work being carried on in the last one year at the Agiary, under the able guidance of Panthaky Er. Hoshang Bhandara – complimenting him for his excellent service and overall personal care shown towards this Agiary and its blossoming garden within the compound. The Salgreh coincided with the Atash Nu Parab,  thus a Machi was offered in all Gehs and the Ugrani ni Machi was specially offered in the Avishtrum Geh at 7:00 pm, concluding the Salgreh celebrations.

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