PT Push Presents Anosh Yazdani

‘PT Push’ is Parsi Times’ endeavour to promote and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, dedicated to furthering the cause of all budding entrepreneurs in our community, by sharing their efforts with our readers, to gain your support for their ventures. In this episode, PT Push presents the dynamic and charming Hotelier-turned-Entrepreneur, Anosh Yazdani, who is currently not just living out his ‘Farm-Stay’ dream, but also invites you to get a taste of his exquisitely designed, rustic splendor, while lounging in the lap of luxury and convenience, at his proud entrepreneurial venture – ‘Y Farms’.

 PT: Tell us a little about yourself
Anosh: I was born in Bombay but grew up Dahanu – with my schooling in Panchgani, post which I completed my Hotel Management in Goa (IHM) and post college, I started working at the Burj Al Arab in 1999, as part of the pre-opening team as a Butler. I grew the ranks over a period of eight years, holding a Management position, post which I consulted various Ministries for the Rulers Office (Dubai). But I missed home and returned to India, as a Business expansion consultant for numerous corporates. In 2016, I decided to return to my roots – farming in Dahanu and living my teenage dream – ‘My Farm Stay’.

PT: How did you turn your teenage ‘Farm-Stay’ dream into this fabulous and thriving entrepreneurial reality called ‘Y Farms’?
Anosh: I established Y. Farms in 2017 – it was something I always wanted to do. My friends from school, college and work from all over would always say I was a ‘lucky bum’ to have this – so I decided to open the  doors to share the stress-busting, connected-to-earth experience of a fresh and revitalizing Farm-life break! It was a big decision but I’ve taken baby-steps and a few brave risks which go with such a decision, and it all worked out great! Personally, I love the farm life – it keeps you connected and calm… and my guests are great company during the week and weekends. I’ve pooled in twenty years of global work expertise to ensure my guests have a fab time in terms of stay, food, farm-activities (if they wish) and every convenience to ensure a memorable ‘Farm-Stay-Experience’. As the neighboring tribals have worked with my forefathers, I have created a few opportunities for them as well, thanks to Y Farms. Y Farms is also available for Personalised Offsite and Corporate Training Opportunities

 PT: What are the fun activities unique to the stay at Y Farms? What do your guests like the most?
Anosh: All my ‘Paronas’ (guests, in Persian) love the bliss of the farm, the spacious rooms, the plunge pool and the private out-house baths; they enjoy the hospitality and keep coming back for my mum, Tanaz’s home-made food! Many are relieved it’s just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai and that we’re pet-friendly. We have innumerable fun activities for the young and the old – tree climbing with a Walkway between trees with our Machan (treehouse) being the fav of kids who can also play with our friendly farm animals; there’s Farm tours by bullock cart; ‘Chikoo Farming’ and ‘Butterfly Farming’ Tours; we have Walking; Cycling and Biking Trails; Toddy tapping; Trekking at Sakra Dam and our sacred Bahrot Caves (heritage site); Tribal Art and Tribal Dance; In-house games and evening entertainment with music, dance and bonfire alongside open-air barbeques! We arrange visits to Dahanu, Udwada and back.

PT: What’s in store at Y Farms and for you in the future?
Anosh: I want to continue offering this much-appreciated ‘Farm-Stay’ and wish to nurture a way of life where like-minded people could come, stay and contribute by either sculpting, practicing performing instruments, abstract art, gardening their patch, adopting birds or animals, and so on. I also plan to expand my professional consultancy, to those interested in buying Farm-land or managing Farm-houses, as also consultations in ‘Property, Architecture, Designing and Farming; ‘Project Development, Marketing and Management’.



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