WZCC Holds ‘Leadership In The Digital Age’ Seminar

Mumbai’s WZCC (World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce) chapter, along with its Youth Wing, arranged an inspiring seminar on March 29, 2019 at the newly renovated Ripon Club on ‘Leadership In The Digital Age’, which saw a participation of over a hundred members and guests.

After Xerxes Dastur, Treasurer – WZCC India, welcomed all, Youth Director – Jehan Kotwal introduced the speaker, Dr. Adil Malia – one of the India’s foremost Thought Leaders, with extensive experience in HR, Strategic Leadership and Organizational Development in multi-cultural Business environments. Dr. Malia presented an insight into the changing business scenario over the past five decades, emphasizing the need for Entrepreneur to embrace change management across business strategies to be successful. He explicated the implications of digitization as lesser consumption of time, efforts and money and spoke on good leadership as being inspirational to one’s self and the team. Also in attendance was stand-up comedian and advertising professional Neville Bharucha, who kept the participants engrossed. WZCC thanked Farhad Modi of Jetair Tours Pvt. Ltd. for sponsoring this event. The evening ended with dinner catered by Ripon Club.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Aspi Antia, CEO – WZCC, said, “Fast changing strategy is the key to success in today’s high-paced world.  WZCC wishes to empower the youth and the participants to understand and implement these characteristics so as to be in tune with the cut-throat global tussle for the survival of the fittest.”

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