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Dear Readers,

The people have spoken – the elections are finally over. BJP has reigned in an even more thumping victory than it did in the previous elections. As is the case across the country, our community too has been expressing conflicting emotions – some are elated about the results; some are dismal. Interestingly, and unfortunately, it seems to have affected friendships and family peace! In fact, even through the last few months, I’ve witnessed opposing political opinions spin into hostility amongst friends and family – with Whatsapp Wars, Facebook Fracas and Twitter Tiffs going next level crazy!
While it’s great to be passionately involved in cheering for and wanting to choose a good government to lead our country into the future, it’s quite naïve, nay foolish, to start fighting with family and friends, just because they hold alternative preferences. The basic promise of a democracy is to facilitate differing voices. How ironic then, to intolerantly brawl over differing opinions! And, how even more ridiculous, to judge and fight with those close to us, for a government that we will all, at some point or another, cry foul at – as is the wont of citizens in democracies, the world over.
By all means, continue to pledge your support to the winning or opposition party and its respective ideologies, but don’t do it at the expense of your relationships; don’t judge or discriminate between friends because of it. Relationships matter more than political preferences – who will you turn to when you need help or have taken ill or need a sympathetic ear or simply, a hug? I’m guessing, it’s not the candidate you voted for!

Have a fun weekend!

– Anahita

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