Happening Hushrav Scores 97%!

Hushrav Buhariwalla, from Campion School, has secured an outstanding 97% (overall) in the ICSE Board exams! The son of proud parents, Hanoz and Sanober Buhariwalla, Hushrav has been a top-rank topper through school, winning numerous awards at the Inter-school model United Nations, including the prestigious Harvard model United Nations, India. He intends to pursue a career in Computer Engineering in USA. Speaking to Parsi Times as regards what it takes to achieve this level of academic excellence, Hushrav says, “The first thing to do is set an efficient routine for studies. Establishing a simple work-rest routine is important too. Revision is key, and solving papers is a great way of knowing where you stand and what your strengths and weaknesses are; it also helps you get a boost of confidence when you fare well in them. And most importantly, there is no substitute to hard work.”

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