Healing In The Aquarian Age

According to Hindu philosophy, ‘Sat-Yug’ was a long period of truth, honesty and beauty. Later ages, like the ‘Treta-Yug’ and the ‘Dwapar-Yug’, were a mixture of good and evil. ‘Kal-Yug’ marks the evil age, when man’s consciousness sinks to an all-time low. This Yug or age is followed by total destruction (Prayala) and renewal to ‘Sat-Yug’.

Though we are passing through Kal-Yug, the heavy vibrations and planetary conjunctions of Aquarius have a benevolent influence on us, bringing out and encouraging spiritual and alternative knowledge – as we turn to reviving ancient wisdom for stability, as scientific knowledge and technological advances haven’t been too successful in solving our problems. We are evolving into accepting ancient wisdom, the evidence is everywhere – as new thinking is becoming mainstream.

This ‘new’ alternative thinking is actually ancient and has stood the test of time. Even international institutes are funding and encouraging studies in acupressure, acupuncture, herbal-medicine, curing with mantras and prayers, hypnosis, various psychological methods and altered states of consciousness.

Nothing happens in the Universe without a purpose. So why is this happening now? Because, for several decades, we have mistakenly believed that science and technology, once fully developed, would solve all problems of mankind, like illness, poverty, misery and pain. For example, death, which will come to us all. In olden times, the very old and sick were allowed to ‘drift off’ quietly and peacefully into death in their own homes, surrounded by loved ones, amid prayers and comforting words, being gently caressed, as they lay in their bed. The sense of hearing, which normally is the last to fade, was thus kept alive, giving the person a feeling of being loved and cherished until the final moment.

How different and cruel it is today because of science and technology! Old people are (in many cases) taken by force, sweet-talked from their much-loved homes where they lived all their lives, feeling comfortable and safe, to be placed in hospitals where there is no love, no family or friends – only strangers in the garb of doctors and nurses. So, the last few days of an old person, who wants to die peacefully at home, are spent in an anonymous hospital bed, with overworked doctors and nurses who do their best.

But dying is done ALONE. Death, which should come as a friend, comes instead in the form of tubes, bottles, syringes, harsh lights, catheters, pampers and worst of all – isolation. What a sad way to exit when the incarnation ends, just because today, death is seen as simply another barrier to push back. What modern science and technology cannot cure, it prolongs.

I’ll emphasize here, that we are talking of hopeless cases due to age or illness. There is definitely a time to fight for life, and fight, one must! But equally, there’s a time to accept that a loved one’s physical incarnation is coming to an end. Give that person dignity, love, care, comfort, understanding and compassion. That is natural death. Science and technology alone can never solve our problems unless both are used with wisdom and enlightenment to create a balance; and the fulcrum of this balance is love which is unconditional and transcendent, like a pulse of pure energy; an energy, so pure and powerful, it has attributes of wisdom, compassion, timelessness and sublime consciousness. This most basic and pervasive energy exists and can be experienced when we are praying with our heart and not just with the mouth or we are in deep meditation. This energy connects and unifies all people, all things. This pure love-energy is our true nature because we are love and want to give and receive it, cultivate it, manifest it and radiate it to others.

Even the rational, logical scientific mind knows that everything is energy. Nuclear bombs are made based on methods of energy-transformation and release. Herbal medicines and Ayurvedic formulas work because of energy-transformation at a cellular level. The Aquarian Age motto is that love is more powerful than an atomic devise and more subtle than any herb. We must learn how to use this most basic, pure and powerful energy within us and when we have learnt, healing at every level, even individual and planetary, will occur. since planet Earth is at present under the Aquarian Age.

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