Mixed Throwball Tourney At Salsette

On 28th April, 2019, Salsette residents were treated to a friendly Mixed Throwball tournament, with a special Under-15 category for its enthusiastic, budding youngsters. Attended by nearly fifty residents, the matches started at 5:30 pm and continued well up to 10:00 pm, where the floodlit ground witnessed high-spirited competition between teams in the Open Category.

The winning team was led by Pakzan Khodaiji and Ava Bulsara, (with team-members Pearl Amalsadiwala, Aryan Irani, Nozer Amalsadiwala, Sarosh Patel and Rayomand Pithawala), while the close runners-up were led by Avan Bharda (with team-members Delnaz Bhagwagar, Shazad Daruwala, Arvan Dick, Darayus Bhagwagar and Meher Amalsadiwala). Hearty snacks made the evening more fun for all. The event was organised by Pakzan Khodaiji, Pakzin Khodaiji, Yazad Wakadia, Meher Amalsadiwala and Natasha Sethna.

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