Parsi Gate To Be Temporarily Shifted For Building Coastal Road

After having secured the Heritage Committee’s clearance for taking a kilometre of the Marine Drive stretch for its Coastal Road project, the Bombay Municipal Corporation discovered that the Parsi Gate, which is located on this stretch, will need to be temporarily relocated, for the construction of the coastal road.

The Parsi Gate, situated opposite the Taraporevala Aquarium, assumes great religious relevance and is used by our community members to offer prayers to water (Ava Yazad). Since, this is where the coastal road’s North-bound tunnel is planned, the BMC plans to shift the structure temporarily, to proceed with the construction work. A civic official is reported have said that the BMC has sought the Heritage Committee’s permission to do so.

The Parsi Gate – which comprises two (nearly) 5 meter pillars, made of Malad stone on concrete pedestals – is over a century old construction based on ancient Persian architecture. The Heritage Committee will be discussing this issue and has sought help from experts before taking any action, in keeping with the religious sentiments of the Parsi community. It remains to be seen how the BMC plans to restore the structure without relocating it, as once the coastal road tunnel is constructed on the planned alignment, it would be difficult to access the sea.

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