Prayers Win – Always!

Daisy P. Navdar is a teacher by profession and a firm believer in the efficacy of our Manthravani. She is focused on ensuring that the deep significance of our prayers is realized by our youth.


“In Zoroastrianism, healing is not just the curing of illness, but it is the act of restoring order and harmony in the world. In the Ardibehesht Yasht, it is mentioned that Mathro Baeshazo is the healer who heals through the holy word (the one who prays).” – An Extract from ‘Zoroastrianism, An Ethnic Perspective’ by Khojeste Mistree.

The healing powers of the Ardibehest Yasht are beyond measure. But not all of us have the discipline to pray the entire Yasht. Hence, the usage and power of the ‘Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang’ is what we will explore today. My writings are based on real-life experiences. I have seen this Nirang break the fever of a child who had a knee re-alignment surgery. An artificial knee was inserted into her body. The fever indicated that the body was not accepting the newly inserted artificial knee – and this meant that the child would have to yet again, suffer another surgery. However, her father sat by her and continuously recited ‘Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang’ prayer for three days at a stretch. On the third night, the fever broke, and she was on her way to a complete recovery!

Another instance is of a lady who suddenly developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She had lesions in her spine and the disease had affected her legs. She was in grave danger of going into paralysis, or an even worse prognosis. She started praying the ‘Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang’ at the insistence of a friend. MS is a progressive disease, but today, although she still has the old lesions in her spine, there are no new ones. She says she has never felt better. She lives a full life – she works, travels and looks after her home and hearth, all with complete normalcy!

It is these experiences which have time and again prodded me to share the power of the ‘Ardibehest Yasht ni Nirang’, for the benefit of our Community members, and especially our youth. It is as given under:

“Dadare Jehandar tavana O dana, O Parvartar O afridagar. Ahreman hich, nadan, O natavanad ba hich chiz nashahed. Ahura Mazda dadari, Ahereman marochinidari. Dadar pak, ahereman napak ; ahereman khak shaved, ahereman dur shaved, ahereman dafe shaved, ahereman shekasteh shaved, ahereman halak shaved. Avval din Zarathusti paak ; Ahuramazda buland kavi, beh avazuni.” Recite one Ashoane Ashem Vohu.

What many of us underestimate as ‘mumbo-jumbo’, simply because we have not taken the effort to understand its translations, is very powerful and effective when recited with complete concentration. Even if you simply recite these powerful prayers without seeking the translation, your life will change for the better. Here is our opportunity to become the Mathro Baeshezyo – the one who heals through prayers!

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