Zai Bordi Adarian Celebrates 103rd Salgreh

The auspicious day of Behram Roz in Adar Mahino was celebrated by the trustees and the local Zarthostis of Zai Bordi, Gholvad and Dahanu, at the 103rd Salgreh of the Zai Bordi Parsee Anjuman Agiary Adarian Saheb. The function commenced with a Khushali nu Jashan at 10:20 am, with four Ervads lead by Panthaki Er. Homi Sena, filling the small Jashan hall, with many sitting outside on the antique wood benches at the entrance of the Agiary. The floral fragrance and sandalwood incense from the Jashan Nu Atash contributed to the peaceful and religious ambience. The Jashan concluded with a Humbandagi and the special ritual followed in this Agiary – that of taking the chokha na overna of the Jashan Nu Atash, where each Zarthosti present showered a few grains of raw rice over the Jashan Atash.

The trustees discussed the road ahead and sought help to collect donations for the Agiary. Panthaki Sena especially thanked all with special mention to two volunteers – Firdosh Elavia and Ardaviraf Karbhari – for their support. All were then treated to snacks in the hall, facing the sea.

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