Parsi Pride Brigade: Zarwaan Shroff Secures 99.2% In ICSE Boards

Tops School And Ranks At 3rd Position All-India


Parsi Times is delighted to share with our readers that Zarwaan Aspi Shroff, from Mumbai’s Behram Baug Parsi Colony in Jogeshwari, has secured a whopping 99.2% in the recent ICSE Board exams.  He topped his school, Vibgyor High, and has come in at the prestigious third position at an All-India level.

Speaking with Parsi Times about his brilliant achievement, Zarwaan shared, “I feel ecstatic. It’s a dream come true to top my school and the icing is the All India Rank – 3! A number of people have helped me achieve this – most of all the credit goes to my parents – Khushnam and Aspi Shroff, and my grandmother – Mehroo Tampal who has taught me and always motivated me. I thank Vibgyor High School, with special thanks to my tuition teachers Rashna Ma’m, Gulshan Ma’m, Dhun Aunty and Kathryn Miss. Whenever I felt overwhelmed with things, I used to connect with friends or chat with my mom and would feel better.  My school teachers have always motivated me to give my best and not give in to pressure.”

When asked about the secret of his success for his younger peers to draw from, Zarwaan says, “The key to achieving good marks is having a perfect balance of studying and fun. Study hard and believe in yourself. Keep revising study material – leave nothing for the last minute; set a timetable and try to stick by it. Take frequent breaks to unwind. Utilize break time to indulge in your hobbies. Some things to avoid would be – avoid learning by rote and don’t try to finish too much in one go.  Take frequent breaks to let your mind process and absorb the information.”

Needless to mention, Zarwaan’s parents, Khushnam and Aspi Shroff, both tending to corporate careers, were besides themselves with happiness and pride. When asked about how to be the perfect support to your child, they shared, “We knew this would be a very grueling year with lots of pressure and expectations… with more years to follow now. We need to treat children as young adults and try to find a middle ground. Don’t take away the phone or ban them from social media. Reach a compromise and try to keep peace.  Rather than being a dictator, be a motivator. And no matter what, do not overwhelm them with expectations!”

What makes Zaraan’s achievement even more special is his stupendous achievement comes on the heels of Mother’s Day (May 12th). And with Parsi Times celebrating the occasion with this Mother’s Day Special issue, it was only natural to share the proud Mommy – Khushnam’s delight, “As a mother, this is the best Mother’s gift ever! Zarwaan is my pride and joy – I wish him all the best and pray to God that he fulfills all his dreams and continues to grow into a healthy, humble and modest human being. One thing which I have instilled in him is to always be humble and help others who may not be as fortunate – it is our duty to keep the flag of our community flying high – ‘Parsi, thy name charity’! I firmly believe riches don’t bring happiness, giving happiness to others is what ultimately counts.”

A great Lego enthusiast, Zarwaan plans to pursue the Engineering field and get into IIT. We congratulate Zarwaan for doing the Community proud and we wish him the very best for a brilliant future!

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