Ask And You Shall Receive

Have you ever wondered why one person is sad and another happy? Why one is joyous and prosperous while another is depressed and poor? Why one has a beautiful, luxurious home while another lives in the slum? Why is one a great success while another, a failure in life? Why is one man a genius and another a moron? Sometimes, why do good, kind, religious people suffer while immoral and irreligious people succeed, prosper and enjoy radiant health?

The answer to all the above lies in the way you pray. Prayer is not to be done as a mere daily formality, rather, prayer is the harmonious interaction of the conscious and the subconscious levels of mind, directed for a specific purpose. Every person desires a happier, fuller, richer life. It is our birthright but only if we pray sincerely and for the Universal good.

Many pray selfishly for the better of their friends or loved ones and livelihoods. That can be selfish and a selfish prayer is seldom given much countenance by the divine. When you pray to God to give health, wealth, happiness to every human being, to bless every child, you automatically include yourself in such a prayer. Such prayers work like magic and your life showers you with every happiness in the world.

Prayers are not divorced from your daily life. It’s nice to have a certain time allotted for it, but the rest of the day is also as holy if you do your duties with love and sincerity, touching the life of every person who comes in contact with you and leaving behind happy memories in every relationship.

Collective Prayers are also offered during public calamities or disasters – like floods, fires, etc. Eg., prayers offered across the nation for a group of miners trapped in a mine or for peace in a war-zone or during an earthquake. Collective prayers have a tremendous force and can result in miraculous rescues.

Certainly, prayer is the best help in time of trouble but you don’t have to wait for trouble to make prayer an integral part of your life. The simple ‘Dharti-no-Namaskar’, when you get out of bed every morning is a prayer; saying ‘Shukrana’ for your first morsel in the morning is a prayer; thanksgiving before and after a meal is a prayer. Even the simple daily chore of cooking becomes a prayer if done with love for those you cook for. Such food gives health to the family.

Several people ask why their prayers don’t get answered. This could be because they have prayed only with their mouth and not with their heart. The answer to prayer results when the individual’s entire being, along with the sub-conscious mind, focuses on the thoughts and words simultaneously. Believe that your prayer WILL be answered. This law of belief operates in all religions. Prayers are answered not because of a particular creed, religion, ritual, ceremony, formula, liturgy, incantation, sacrifice or offerings, but solely because of Belief or mental acceptance and receptivity about that which you are praying for.

The law of life is the law of belief and belief could be summed up as a thought or a desire in your mind. As a person thinks, feels and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body and circumstances. This technique brings all the good things of life to you. The miracle of belief and faith in prayers existed before you and I were born, before any ‘Agiyari’, ‘Atashbehram’, Church, mandir or masjid was built. Like all great eternal truths, and principles of life, the law of belief antedates all religions. It holds wonderful, magical, transforming power which heals mental and physical wounds and liberates you completely from poverty, failure, misery, lack and frustration. All you have to do is unite mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to happen and your prayers will bring you health, happiness, security and peace of mind. Begin today. No! Begin Now! And watch wonders happen in your life!

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