Chikli Agiary Holds Dae Mah Jashan, Gambhar

On 26th May, 2019, the Guzder Agiary at Chikli was teaming with Zarthostis from all around Chikli, Bilimora and Mumbai, as the fifth generation of the Katrak family, Er. Pesotan Vistasp Katrak, performed the thanksgiving Jashan at 9:30 am. The over-500 attendees were then moved to the adjoining Guzder Hall, where the Trustees of the Chikli Parsi Anjuman, Dr. Yazdi Italia, Diniar Darab Mehta and Minoo Katrak welcomed Chief Guest, Gustad Wadia.

Managing Trustee of the Agiary, Dr. Yazdi Italia introduced the Chief Guest as an Ex-Director of Central Bank (Surat) elaborating on his much-appreciated body of work in the current Anjuman, leading to the welfare of Chikli, Bilimora and Gandevi, including grain distribution to needy Zarthostis in and around Chikli. He read the statement of accounts and thanked the Bilimora Anjuman for their support.

Addressing the gathering, Chief Guest Wadia spoke of truth and transparency as the main qualities of any accounting work, which he shared through his many years as a banker. He was happy to see Zarthostis from all over attending the Gambhar at Chikli. He spoke about the principles of Humata, Hukata and Harveshta, and praised several Parsi personalities for bringing pride onto the community. He was felicitated by Minoo Katrak and the vote of thanks was given by Trustee Diniar Mehta, of Dini Travels.

A specially cooked-on-wood, sumptuous Gosh nu Gambhar followed, enjoyed by all, who had specially come to enjoy the dishes catered by caterer Jimmy Dandiwalla, who received great praise for his excellent catering.

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