Dislodge The Block!!

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Mr. Bean, Tom and Jerry, and Oswald made childhood happy.

‘Blue ticks’, ‘Last seen’ and ‘Block’ ruined the adult hearts.

To be completely honest, I have tried doing each of the above inane things at some point or the other, and am happy to proclaim that I failed at them completely! Long, long ago, I had attempted to ‘dwisable’ last seen. Then, I thought heck, why must I do something so stupid?! What have I to hide? Even if I’m checking my phone at 3:00 am, it’s no one else’s business really! Yet, notions can be formed, assumptions made and judgments rolled out and circulated. Then again, there’s this famous adage – ‘When someone judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them… their insecurities, limitations, and needs.’

Next, let’s say I’ve checked only some of the messages I’ve received and have chosen to see the rest later. That to me – is putting it on ‘pause’ temporarily – but it’s often misinterpreted as ‘ignored’!

“I sent you a message at 3:19 and your last seen was 3:50!” they may complain… and I may tender an explanation because, at the end of the day it’s still a wee bit of bad manners. And then you promptly turn off your ‘Last seen’ time stamp with the excuse, “I want to avoid colleagues knowing my online timings’. I’m sure there’s another way to tackle that issue.

Here’s the thing – do you really want to imitate what the person on the other end is doing? Last time I had pointed out how cell-phones are making us rude; this time, I am going to ascend to saying, mobile-phones are making us hostile!

Those BLUE TICKS!! Here’s an amazing insight… When you turn that off, your parents or kids will not know if you have read their message(s). In your bid to punish one or two people in your contact list, you’d rather trouble those who matter? For heaven’s sake, there is someone at the other end, yearning to hear from you… And this person could be family!!

Now, to the ‘BLOCK… Ahem, this one is the most toxic! And, must be used to filter out toxic people… the miscreants… the pests ONLY. Not out of some skirmish or because you’ve now accounted a person redundant from your life. The next time you attempt the block, ask yourself…

‘Who am I blocking?’ As far as non-brainers are concerned… as a civilized society we can’t just go around throwing people out and keeping them out. The whole relationship-blocking, family-blocking, friendship-blocking is ridiculous! Can’t we wait for the dust to settle? Can’t we communicate? Explain? Sit down? Can’t we give the benefit of doubt? It’s a bit lame and myopic to resort to blocking without good reason.

Does Blocking make me look cool? By no means! When you cut communication without giving it a fair chance, you prove your immaturity! Maybe you don’t like them anymore, but it’s still best to talk about it.

Have I forgotten the good memories shared? You need NOT be friends until the end of life… but at least end it healthy! They say, seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What really hurt is remembering how they used to be. End the game with grace!

In this insensitive and mis-judging world, the need of the hour is to facilitate warmth and care. Even mobile users exhibit atrocious behaviors on many other counts…  I send a forward to you – you’ve gone ahead and forwarded the same message on your broadcast… so I see it again! Huh!? Or not being decent with your whatsapp group manners – going to any lengths to prove yourself right, immaterial of how insensitive, rude or personal you get! When it comes to Office groups, it’s impolite to pour work onto your employees after office hours, unless you’re in a critical position.

Let’s use our phone as a communication medium, and not as a medium to punish or act vilely or like a complete moron. Treat yourself well, and cherish others! It is that simple, guys!



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