(Er.) Raamin Sanjana Ordained Navar

10-year-old Raamin Sanjana, son of Kaneeza and Er. Zubin Sanjana, was ordained Navar on Roj Daep-din, Mah Dae YZ 1388, at Malcolm Baug’s Bai Motlibai Wadia Adaran in Jogeshwari, under the guidance of Er. Eric Dastur and Er. Khushru Kanga. Er. Raamin is the grandson of Freny and (Late) Soli Bhagat and grandson of Er. Bomanshah and Freny Sanjana. He is the 27th direct descendent of Mobed Nairyosangh Dhaval from the Shapur Rana family who is known to have come and settled down in Valsad.

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