From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Moments of Silence

Dear Readers,

The Parsi Flag flutters listlessly at half-mast this week, as Zarthostis across India and the world mourn the loss of three of our most treasured stalwarts, in unfortunate, quick succession – Vada Dasturji Dr. Kaikhusroo Dastur Minocher JamaspAsa; Vada Dasturji Kaikhashru Navroji Dasturji Meherjirana; and Dinyar Contractor. This league of extraordinary gentlemen leaves behind inspiring and extraordinary legacies, for the rest of the Community to cherish and be proud of, and hopefully, to learn from and tread upon the path and philosophies they propagated.

The great void in our Community’s spiritual and religious leadership, caused by the loss of Late Vada Dasturjis – JamaspAsa and Meherjirana, will not be easy to fill. Their undeterred passion, encyclopedic knowledge and incomparable insights into the Zoroastrian religion, as also their piety, which they practiced unfailingly in their daily lives, will loom as a tall order, even for their very worthy successors – Vada Dasturjis – Dr. Jamasp Kaikhusroo JamaspAsa; and Kaikhushru Cowasji Ravji – anointed the 18th heir to the Meherjirana Gaadi. We welcome and stand by our new religious principals, even as we pray for their predecessors’ souls to achieve Garothman Behest.

The heavens seem to have literally stolen our laughter with the passing of the Badshah of Parsi Theater, an exemplary actor with unrivalled comedy timing, whose nataks have been patronized across generations of Parsi families every Navroz – our very own, Padma Shri Dinyar Contractor. PT shared a special relationship with him – in fact, we were privileged to conduct his very last interview a couple of months ago, when he excitedly shared the great news of being awarded the prestigious Padma Shri. Even as he now regales the heavens with his unique brand of joy that he spread so unconditionally, the Community stands by his family and loved ones in their grief. Garothman Behest Hojoji!

More than ever, our Community now needs to stay united in solidarity, as we come to terms with the unprecedented, three-fold loss of our supreme stalwarts. Which is why it was particularly disturbing to yet again witness the unwarranted, classless Social-media-trashing related to the above incidents. There’s no greater inopportune moment than this to resort to the usual gossip-mongering in the name of religion. It would be wise to take a few more moments of silence, than those warranted as a mark of respect for the deceased, to introspect and correct such thoughts, words and deeds.

– Anahita Subedar

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