Give Me Strength, Ahura Mazda, To Do My Bit In Life

 Weak and erring is man and weak and erring I am. Great are my infirmities and shortcomings and imperfections. Thou art my maker and Thou knowest my weaknesses. Weak are my resolutions. Cure me of my weakness. Let me know my weakness. Look mercifully upon my weakness and frailty. Let not my weakness be the fault of my character. Let me not fall into wickedness through weakness of my conduct. My weakness needs Thy support. Thou art the strength of the weak. Thou my redeemer dost lift me up when my strength fails me and I fall in my weakness. Thou dost uphold me by Thy strong hand and I fall not. Thou art the unfailing strength in the hour of my weakness. Strongest of the strong art Thou, when I am all weakness. Where can I find the tower of strength as powerful as Thee, Ahura Mazda.

Give me strength to wrestle with wickedness with a resolute will. In dim distance may be my goal. Like the ever-receding horizon that eludes my grasp, my hands may fail to reach it. Yet my incessant efforts and strivings to reach it strengthen and build my character. Give me patience, when success is long in the coming.

Let me not, owing to my weakness, resignedly plod along year after year in mediocrity. When opportunity calls me, let not my weakness come in my way. Strengthen me, not to shirk my responsibility. Let my response be prompt and strong. Strengthen me to encounter thrilling adventures. With self-confidence and enthusiasm, ambition and strong faith in thee, let me be drawn in the whirl and swish of adventure and enterprise. Strengthen me to be drawn across the seas by the hope of bettering my future and to dig out treasures, hid deep in the bowels of the earth. The struggle to get a thing enhances its worth and increases the delight when I succeed in possessing it. The swimmer battles with the waves that dash over him. Strengthen me to fight like him the obstacles that come in my way to success in life.

The feeble leans on his staff to walk. Strengthen me to be a staff to the feeble to lean upon and to help them to walk the rugged path of life. Strengthened by Thee, let me succour and support Thy weak in the world, O Thou that art the tallest tower of strength, Ahura Mazda!

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