Inner Peace Through Meditation

Everyone can achieve peace of mind through meditation. There is an occult law which states, ‘When the seeker is ready, the master appears’. If a person wants to learn meditation, he must first make himself ready, and then, no matter who that person is or what he does, he will eventually find a teacher. This teacher, may not necessarily come in flesh, but could manifest as the inward eye of the seeker.

The very first step in preparing for meditation is to curb anger, control passions and be harmless. It is also essential to watch your life on a daily basis as a detached spectator, so it seems like a dream, because in reality, what is life? A mere pot-pourri of uncertain pleasures and unexpected sorrows. Meditation is coming into tune with the infinite, inner peace and a sense of lacking nothing – of perfect contentment and sublime stillness, free from the torments of relationships and desires. When daily meditation becomes a way of life, then you are free and always at ease. It’s a state of calm that is unbroken and eternal and not dependent upon the way you look, your finances or the state of peace around you (or rather, the lack of it!)

In meditation, you are in eternal reality which is always present within yourself – true peace which cannot disappear once it is won. It is worth more than conventional happiness because you can keep it immaterial of life’s external conditions. Whether you wear ordinary clothes or designer outfits, your peace remains unbroken. In short, you are not dependent on your externals for your inner satisfaction because you have found it inside you, and having found it, you carry that peace to outer things in life.

If happy things come your way, of course you enjoy them. But if troubles come, your peace should not be lost. You will feel the stable state of your mind which will become more ‘centered’ and not sway like a pendulum between joy and sorrow even when there are high-highs and low-lows in life. Attainment of this peace is not found only in yogic-meditation but everywhere you truly search for the same. You have to go beyond time and space, for a peace which is unbroken and unbreakable. For this peace, there is no return, no lapse. You never lose this sense of calmness whether in office, working with stress situations or dealing with cruel people. This peace remains even immaterial of any upsets that life throws your way. A good outcome of daily meditation is that you cease to worry about others’ opinions / criticisms as you become conscious of your own self (Atma Swaroop). You no longer get irritated or hurt by unpleasant persons – and there are quite a few of those! You have your realisation of harmony even when people disagree or speak badly of you.

For meditation to even begin, you need to empty your mind of all things, which means all your previous mental-conditions – likes, dislikes etc. There has to be a sense of nothingness or void. Every morning, we sweep the house clean, so on waking-up, we must do mental ‘jhaadoo’ to clean the mind of the previous day’s clutter of useless thoughts. Just as an actor lives another personality on stage or in a movie, yet somewhere in his mind, he is always conscious who he really is, so also, you have to act your part on the stage of life.

Whether it is peace sought on an intra or inter individual level or on a global level between nations, it is inner peace – within our hearts and minds – that will help us reach that space. And it all starts with the practice of meditation.

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