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In Memory Of Vada Dasturji JamaspAsa

Dear Editor,

I want to express my sentiments on the passing away of our dear Vada Dasturji JamaspAsa, after years of glorious service to Atash Padshah and the Anjuman Atash Behram. Most days, as I would step out for work in the mornings, I would hurriedly pay my obeisance to Atash Padshah and then exchange quiet greetings with Dasturji, sitting on his chair, after his daily morning prayers and rituals. He was indeed a very dignified and disciplined man, and a great soul.

As the Anjuman Atash Behram’s old clock struck 9:00 am, Dasturji would briskly walk back home, waiting patiently for the signal to go green, his attire a pristine white and a pagdi adorning his head.

I’m sure a great soul like him will always return to walk amidst us, till then may God receive him in heaven. Our condolences to his ever smiling and graceful wife, Bakhtawar, his daughter Shirin and son Jamasp, who carries forward the baton of our faith. May God be with him!

– Yasmine Katrak

The PG Saga: Let’s Think Rationally And Solve The Problem Amicably

The sad happenings at Parsee General Hospital have created a very awkward situation bringing disgrace to the community. We are a wise, intelligent, peace loving, progressive community, expected to resolve our internal matters amicably. Perhaps for the first time, we have sunk to the lowest levels of indecency, name-calling our 37 noble doctors, the honorable members of the managing committee of PGH and Mr. Homa Petit! If the opponents have a point to prove, they cannot garner public sympathy using such disgusting language. Without abusing or insulting, can we not debate, discuss and solve the matter in the best interest of the community?

Earlier, when the healthcare system was fast progressing, our old institution remained unperturbed basking in the glory of its past. Today the PGH is in urgent need for reforms and restructuring to be brought in level with the best healthcare centers in the city of Mumbai. It has served the community diligently for over a hundred years and we hope and pray it continues to serve the generations to come.

Maybe those opposing the plan have valid points, but as well-wishers of the institution, they should come out with concrete plans and practical suggestions. Abuses and insults will only cause animosity. The main reason for the decline in occupancy is due to inadequate infrastructure and poor healthcare treatment offered to the patients. If there is 30% occupancy today, it will further decline and soon it will be futile to run the hospital anymore.

There is wisdom in moving ahead with time. With the Parsi population on a decline, it is not viable to establish a new, fully equipped hospital to cater to just a few and that too for free or at subsidized rates. The Shroffs have pledged a magnanimous donation to establish a new hospital with a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Centre to provide best healthcare to patients. The hospital also needs to reorganize the Operation Theaters, the ICU wards and other departments. We have ample space in the existing building to setup a fully equipped Diagnostic Centre but we need funds to restructure and modernize the hospital. We have best architects, planners and builders in our community, who can be called upon to avail of their guidance on restructuring and redevelopment. Our honorable doctors who are working in other reputed hospitals can also give us their valuable suggestions.

Once the hospital gets a face lift and is adequately equipped, it will attract affluent patients. Let us hope for the best. We need to be united, respect each other despite our differences and plan for a bright future.

– Piroja Jokhi

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