(Er.) Shayan Bulsara Ordained Martab

Bright, religious and all of ten years of age, (Er.) Shayan Bulsara, son of Farzad and Dinaz Bulsara, was ordained Martab on 26th May, 2019, at Mumbai’s Banaji Limji Agiary. His Martab ceremony was conducted by Er. Hoshedar Panthaki, Head Priest of the Agiary.

Having attended Ratamai and Tehmina Peer’s weekly prayer classes since he was just two and a half years old, Shayan was also ably supported by his father in his religious studies. Post his Martab ceremony, which was attended by a number of relatives and friends, Shayan passionately performed the Atash Nyaish and Tandarosti, delighting everyone present.

Shayan is a bright student in school and likes playing badminton, cycling and Karate. He loves regular family trips to Udvada! Here’s wishing Shayan the very best of luck, divine wisdom and the earnest will to uphold the tenets of the Zoroastrian faith and Parsipanu in all its glory and piety!

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