WAPIZ Holds Condolence Meeting In Honour Of Late Dasturji JamaspAsa

On 30th May, 2019, WAPIZ organized a condolence meeting for the community, in honour of the late Dastur Dr. Kaikhusroo Dastur Minocher JamaspAsa, at Banaji Atash Behram Annexe Hall at 6:30 pm. The condolence meeting paid tribute to late Dasturji Dr. Kaikhusroo M. JamaspAsa, who, after living a long and fulfilling life of 87 years, passed away suddenly on 19th of May, 2019, (Khordad Roj, Dae Mah 1388 YZ), in London, leaving behind a grieving family and community.

The meeting was attended by a cross section of the Parsi society, including Late Dasturji’s wife – Bakhtavar, daughter – Shirin, and other family members. Dasturji Dr. Firoz M. Kotwal, Dasturji Cyrus N. Dastoor, Naib Dastoor Er. Jamasp – son of late Dasturji JamaspAsa, Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji, Er. Dr. Pervez M. Bajan, Er. Keki Ravji, Er. Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, Er. Burjor H. Antia and Farah Dubash Khambatta (grand-niece of late Dasturji) addressed the audience and each spoke in glowing terms about their association with late Dasturji JamaspAsa, about his religious scholarship and academic brilliance, his love for his religion, his discipline in dealing with and devotion to his ecclesiastical duties – a true traditional at heart. They also spoke about his gentle demeanour and his love for children, especially the young ones who came to him for learning prayers. Late Dasturji was also a cricket enthusiast.

H. M. Mistry mentioned that while one did feel grief in Dasturji’s passing away, it was equally important for all to remember, acknowledge and celebrate his scholarship, his body of work in academics, his contribution to the religious life of our community, his guidance and leadership of the mobed clan and his gallant efforts in keeping our religious institutions from harm. What the common Parsi would always remember for many decades to come, was Dasturji’s unfaltering leadership and astute guidance in safeguarding our religious practices and institutions and steering the community onto the right path. Whether it was the attack on the system of Dokhmenashini or the most recent being the tunneling under the Atash Behrams for the Metro trains, Dasturji stood his ground and like a good shepherd, did his best to keep his flock together.

While paying tribute to late Dasturji saheb, Er. Burjor Antia informed the audience that, at their meeting earlier in the day, the trustees of the Zarthoshti Anjumanna Atash Behram had decided to appoint late Dasturji’s son, Dr. Jamasp as the successor to the Dasturi Gaadi left vacant by Dasturji Kaikhusroo’s demise. An approving audience received these happy tidings with joy, secure in the knowledge that the reins of religious authority were in capable hands.

Yazdi Desai, Chairman of WAPIZ, handed over to Dr. Bakhtavar K. JamaspAsa, wife of late Dasturji JamaspAsa, a copy of the resolution passed by WAPIZ, condoling the demise of Dasturji saheb. Anahita Desai, CEO of WAPIZ, fondly recalled her association with late Dasturji and how he had always been very supportive of all efforts in protecting and preserving Zoroastrian religious tenets and practices.


Courtesy: Hanoz M. Mistry

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