Exercise In The Rain!

As per research, working out in the rain builds greater resistance and burns fat! So, don’t let the rainy season be a plan-pooper in your fitness routine! As per the findings of Japanese researchers published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, participants showed an increased rate of fat burning while grappling wet conditions. While performance might be slightly compromised due to the rain, they also shed more weight by putting in the added effort trying to workout in the rain.

There’s a number of workout formats you could explore when it comes to exercising in the rains:

Cycling: Apt for the rains since you use more effort to pedal in such weather, you burn more calories. And a greater focus on maintaining balance further strengthens your core muscles, in addition to the peddling that tones the calves and thigh muscles. Ensure to wear a windcheater to keep the upper body warm.

Stepping up At A Garden Gym: If you don’t mind a little rain on you, place the gym equipment in the rain. You can adapt an elliptical cross trainer for use as long as it’s waterproof. There are many such garden gyms where you can work out in the rains.

Free Style Dancing or Krumping or Zumba: is a lot of fun in the rains. Being high-energy, it provides a good cardio workout and increases agility. Anyone can try these moves to music and doing them in the rain makes it more challenging and a super stress buster.

Resistance Exercises Or Using Weights in the rain: like squats, lunges and bicep curls, or lifting dumbbells in a light shower, yields excellent results. Ensure you wear the right gear.

A Run In The Rains: is a good form of exercise which strengthens the cardio vascular functions of your body, the legs and gives you a strong core with stability, ac wet conditions create a tougher road to navigate.

Important Tips:

  • Buy waterproof footwear. Wet feet are prone to blisters.
  • Wear a peak cap to prevent water from dripping all over your face and blurring your vision.
  • Don bright attire while walking or doing a rain run so that cars and passers-by can see you. You get opt for glow T-shirts too.
  • If you are wearing headphones and carrying music gadgets, ensure they are in a waterproof cover.
  • Stop the workout if there is thunder and lightning, as that is dangerous.

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