Golden Jubilee Celebrations Continue At Panthaki Baug

Panthaki Baug’s Golden Jubilee celebratory events continue for senior citizens every month with great fun and entertainment! Under the aegis of Panthaki Baug Welfare Centre, an evening of fun and games was organised for the golden oldies on 21st July, 2019. With ‘Monsoon Olympic Games’ being the celebratory theme this time, the enthusiastic participants were kept engaged with the challenging tasks they had to complete! As is the norm us Bawajis pride ourselves in, a Parsi gathering cannot conclude without snacks, and the lovely seniors had a feast after all the games, munching down delectable chicken patties and chutney sandwiches! The peppy party music got some of our young-at-hearts on the floor too! The merry seniors returned home, looking forward to another evening of fun and action soon! The celebrations were ably organized by Shahrokh Bulsara, ArdaEviraf Katrak, Khurshid Katrak, Mani Elavia, Freny Siganporia and Zarin Jesia.

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