Magic of ‘TULSI’ by Pureganic

Tulsi also known as holy basil is a wonderful herb that is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Oxidant and a superb Immunity Builder. These characteristics that it a very important place in ancient Indian culture. But it is even more relevant in today’s world where one is exposed to pollution in air, food and water and radiation through many electronic devices like mobile, laptops etc. All these result in toxins which are accumulated in the body.

To stay healthy, fit and disease-free, these toxins need to be removed on a daily basis. Tulsi helps do that. It is a great Detox Agent helping you clean your body from within. This makes all the other organs function much better thus activating the repair mechanism of the body. A Detox body would increase stamina and on its own to handle all health issues much better.

Tulsi Ark gives instant relief from Cold • Cough • Sore throat • Cancer • Malaria • Bronchitis   • Swine flu • Dengue • Chicken Gunia • Viral Fever • Asthma • Obesity • Cholesterol • Allergies • Kidney Stones • Tumours • Arterial blockage • BP • Diabetes • Hormone Balance • Memory Power • Inflammatory and Neurological Pain.

The Tulsi and Haldi Arks made by Pureganic are unique, and proven to be of immense health benefits to the users.

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