‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’

Readers will be pleased to know about the availability of ‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’ – or short Zoroastrian prayers – by Er. Rustom Noshirwan Panthaki, the ex-Principal, Dadar Athornan Madressa. Nirangs are short but powerful prayers that can be recited to invoke divine blessings and help for numerous reasons including spiritual protection; inner peace and joy; good health; attaining success; warding off negative influences; and more.

‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’ comprises Nirangs which are prayers culled from Pazand or Avesta, and prefixed and suffixed by Avesta prayers. It was published in the Gujrati script a couple of decades ago, post which several editions were published with additional Nirangs. ‘My English Pocket Book of Nirangs’ provides understanding and guidance to co-religionists who are not fluent in Gujarati script.

The term ‘Nirang’ or ‘Niruk’ occurs in Pahlavi and Persian languages and means ‘strength, ability, power’. However, the word is also used in a wider sense for ‘short efficacious prayers’, ‘new things’ and ‘miracle’. The recitation of Nirangs is beneficial to the body, mind and the soul. To avail full benefits, the reciter should pray with devotion, complete faith in Ahura Mazda and with due observance of rules of ethics, piety, concentration, food and mode of living.

Nirangs can be recited for the benefit of self or others. The reciter of Nirangs receives physical, mental and spiritual benefits due to the effects of the prayers’ colours and vibrations, as these Nirangs are culled out ‘essences’ from more intense and larger prayers, by priests and spiritual leaders. The Nirangs should not be considered a substitute for the Avesta prayers given in the Khordeh Avesta.

In present times, several Zoroastrians suffer from physical and mental ailments. During troubled times, unawares of the great treasures lying in their own religion due to absence of proper understanding and guidance, they turn towards beliefs and teachings of other religions and succumb to fake charlatans. All one needs to do is simply turn to our own powerful religion and pray our Avesta prayers as these definitely benefit all who pray devoutly.


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