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 “That’s not my waist size! I’m certain it is 3 to 4 inches lesser!” That’s a line I regularly hear from my customers! Most of us know specific measurements (in inches and/or cms) when it comes to detailing the right lengths of our trousers… preferably just touching the beginning of our shoe-heel or kissing the top of our shoes. However, when it comes to waist measurements, virtually all of us seem to blindly trust the ‘brands’. Have you ever wondered, despite having one waist size, why does it still vary from brand to brand? Literally everyone who buys ready-mades trousers is unaware of their REAL waist size!

It’s one of the best kept marketing strategies in the Ready-made business! When we try out branded or ready-made trousers in the changing room, we all have a sigh of relief that we are still able to fit into the same waist size we had one or many years back. It’s a psychological advantage taken over us because it is only natural that we will be more attracted to the brand that boasts a lesser waist-line, as opposed to that which shames our waist as one on the higher side!

It’s a subconscious sense of feel-good to try on clothes which make us feel slimmer/fitter. As we all relate good health to our waist-line, the smaller the waist-line, the healthier we are! Obviously, none of us ever get home and measure the waist-size of the trouser we have just bought – we take the brand waist measurement at face value. And what’s more, the next time we go shopping for trousers, we find ourselves shopping for the same brand; so much so we even recommend the brand to our friends as one having ‘the best fit’!

Remember, most brands and ready-made trousers do not disclose your true waist measurements, as brands need constant marketing, and giving the customers a sense of feel good via the ‘Vanity Waist’ measurement practice, has proven to be a very successful marketing technique! They know full well that we won’t be going home to check the ‘real’ waist measurement once we have bought the trousers!

Ready made apparel will give you neither the perfect fit nor the perfect truth!

When it comes to Traditional, Ethnic or Western men’s wear in our Community, one needs not look beyond Kaizad Wadia’s fine fashion and perfect fits.  He dresses his eclectic range of clients with impeccable style and timeless grace – be it our traditional wear like Daglis, or the more formal custom clothing like Blazers, Trouser and Shirts. Kaizad Wadia’s globally renowned designs and couture has been servicing the European markets with bespoke clothing for over a decade now.

To ensure you look your absolute best, especially through the oncoming festive season, connect with Kaizad Wadia at + 91 9833619246

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