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Pants and trousers are often neglected when it comes to ensuring a good fit. While the jacket receives most of the attention, a well-fitting pair of trousers is a piece of art. While some legs are easier to fit properly than other, certain aspects of a nicely fitting pair of pants can be achieved by anyone. Let’s discuss today how pants should fit and what goes in making a trouser look sharp and add to your personality!

The answer to this lies in ensuring that the trousers you select are based on your Body Shape. The following is a starter’s guide to help you pay attention to key elements when you go trouser shopping:

For Slim/Thin Built Individuals:

  • Trousers with a single pleat is best suited for the slim male.
  • If you are a slim as well as a tall person, ensure that your trouser bottom has a fold. That will provide weight, it will act like an anchor and help prevent your trousers from swaying when you walk.


For Big Built Individuals:

  • Avoid trousers with front pleats – these add more volume to your waist and hip area.
  • If you are of average or below average height, it is a must to avoid pleats


For Medium Built Individuals:

  • You could experiment for the no-pleats or the single-pleats trouser. The current trouser trend is the no-pleats trouser.
  • If you are tall, then a fold and a pleat is a good idea.
  • If you are short, avoid the folded bottom completely. This will help avoid looking short in appearance. You also should focus on giving a seamless appearance, hence giving a fold at the bottom gives a break to the appearance.


Pertinent Pointers For Formal Trousers:

  • With regard to Formal Trousers – the Center Crease is a must – let there be no negotiation on that front.
  • When it comes to Front Closure style for Formal Trousers, always opt for the long leach with the button closure. As the extended long leach helps to provide a firm fit giving a clean look for the frontal waist area.


For those of us who like comfort-fitted trouser, you don’t have to compromise on your looks by ending up with trousers that look like pyjamas! To get that comfortable trouser fitting along with a trouser that looks sharp, simply ask for trousers that have 1 or 2 pleats in the front, and have shape provided below the knees up to the bottom of your trousers.


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