What’s New In Men’s Fashion This Festive Season?

Men’s fashion operates within a much tighter framework than womenswear. Menswear design is driven by tradition, authenticity and detail. Contemporary menswear design is driven by obsession to detail, reinvention and subversion of the traditional, and sensitive attention to fabrication, scale and proportion. When it comes to Traditional, Ethnic or Western men’s wear in our Community, one needs not look beyond Kaizad Wadia’s fine fashion and perfect fits.  He dresses his eclectic range of clients with impeccable style, unmoved by fickle winds of fashion trend

Be it our traditional wear like Daglis, or the more formal custom clothing like Blazers, Trouser and Shirts, Kaizad Wadia has been servicing the European markets in Custom clothing for over a decade now, keeping up with the latest styles in men fashion. Parsi Times catches up with Kaizad Wadia to throw light on the trending and traditional men’s wear this festive season

PT: What new designs are you offering us this Festive Season?

Kaizad Wadia: This time around, I bring to you a brand new Dagli, in addition to the Designer Dagli and Traditional Dagli – I’m introducing the Embroidered Designer Dagli. This Dagli has embroidery on the collar and cuff of the sleeves of the Dagli, along with a watch-pocket, which is optional. This Dagli has all the aspects of the Designer Dagli – it comes with the Readymade Bows, Shoulder Pads and Suit-like finish, but to add to the class and exquisiteness of its fashion – it is laced with embroidery and has watch pocket – taking the Designer dagli up a fashion notch for this new festive season.

PT: And how are you jazzing up the Suits and Tuxedos?

Kaizad Wadia: We are introducing the magnificent Royal Tuxedo along with the Black Tuxedo. This time we are introducing Tuxedos that have structure in the fabric to make you stand out from the rest. This Tuxedo comes with a black trouser a Tuxedo Pin tuck Shirt and a Double bow. The Tuxedo is the most formal way you can dress up for your engagement, ranking the highest on the scale of the formal Dress Code. And for the proud to-be-groom getting engaged, I suggest you take it one step further and go with the Royal Tuxedo!

With regard to Suits, I offer a large variety of fabrics and shades – including Italian and Turkish Fabric as well.

PT: Tell us about your Custom-Made Shirts

Kaizad Wadia: To give a personal touch to your look, we provide on your shirt, Cuff and Button Placket your Initials/Monogram. To have your Initial on your Cuff is an indicator of high-end bespoke outfits, only top brands offer this feature. We provide this to all at no extra cost, and further provide your name initialed on the button placket that virtually no one is offering currently!


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