All 7 Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) Trustees Come Together To Unanimously Agree On Appointing A 16-Member Consultative Committee

Mumbai, August 30, 2019: In an innovative move aimed at bringing the Parsi Community together and tackling its challenges, the Trustees of Bombay Parsi Punchayet have unanimously decided to constitute a 16-member Consultative Committee comprising of prominent Parsis from different walks of life with specialist skill sets. The objective of forming such a Consultative Committee is:

  1. To resolve and move forward on some of the long standing issues and challenges concerning the community’s assets and community’s welfare.
  2. To provide a sounding board to the Trustees.

The Consultative Committee comprises of:

The Trustees and the Consultative Committee have met twice and have had some preliminary discussions and identified some pressing issues. The subjects that will occupy the Trustees and Consultative Committee in the coming months will be:

  1. Parsi General Hospital
  2. Parsi Lying-In Hospital
  3. New Building at Bharucha Baug
  4. New Building at Panthaki Baug
  5. New Building at Dadar Parsi colony
  6. Bhabha Sanatorium
  7. New Building at Godrej Baug
  8. Maintenance of Doongerwadi and
  9. Major Morina Trust

The Trustees further appointed a Core Group who will meet more frequently and deliberate on the issues. The Core Group will consist of:

  1. Berjis Desai
  2. Dasturji Khurshed Dastur
  3. Dinshaw Tamboly
  4. Yezdi Bhagwagar
  5. Sam Balsara

The Trustees clarified that the role of the Consultative Committee is Advisory in nature and the ultimate decision making authority remains only with the Trustees. This communication is being issued to uphold the highest tradition of transparency by the Trustees who were duly elected by Universal Adult Franchise.

 For more details please contact Shehnaaz Khambatta,  Email :

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