Dressing Tips For ‘Not-So-Tall’ Guys!

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Who says that tall men have it all? Sure, while taller guys with long legs can pull off most clothes, it takes more than height to look good. When you have panache, charm, and a flattering outfit that suits your height, you can stand beside your tall friends proudly! Consider some famous guys who have it all, like Tom Cruise, Bruno Mars, Dustin Hoffman, Mark Wahlberg, Daniel Radcliffe and Kevin Hart. All these men are stylish and confident. There are simple ways a man can dress to look taller, and the formula for success is a matter of sticking with a few rules of thumb. To all my friends who belong to the not-so-tall category, here are some excellent fashion tips that will help you look good and feel great about yourself.

  • The trick in appearing taller is to avoid high contrasting colours – avoid wearing a white shirt with a black pant, and vice-versa. This divides your body into two halves which takes away from letting you look tall. This doesn’t mean you can only wear matching shades ie white shirt with white pants! The idea is to give project a streamlined look with a ‘gentle contrast’, for eg., a white shirt paired with a light steel-grey (gentle pin stripe) trouser – this gives out a taller appearance.
  • Avoid belts that are too broad or too flashy or too contrasting, as they also tend to divide the body in two halves, again not adding to your height. Wear belts that are slim in width.
  • When it comes to Trousers:
    • Have your trouser length just with one gentle fold at the bottom; having them without a fold or bunching up at the shoes will work against you as it projects a shorter appearance.
    • Have your trousers tapered towards the bottom – this will make your legs appear longer.
    • Avoid trousers that are low-waist – it makes the legs look shorter.
  • When you’re looking to wear Short Pants, have them up to your knees – avoid going longer as this will make you look shorter. Also, ensure that the colour of your Shorts are more matching to your skin tone, as this adds to a more stream-lined look, thus lending more length to your appearance.
  • In Shirts, strictly avoid the baggy look. Ensure that the sleeves are well fitted – neither too loose, nor bunching up at the cuffs. Slim, well-fitted sleeves make your arms look leaner and longer which supplements a taller appearance. Leave the collar-button and the next one, open.
  • Shoes: Avoid shoes that go above your ankles – this reduces your leg length.
  • Suits: When getting a suit made, go in for the 1-button suit only. Keep your lapel slimmer and high-rise lapel. Have the length of the jacket shorter than usual. Have no more than a quarter of an inch of your shirt cuff peeping out from your suit sleeves.
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