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Saal Mubarak!

Dear Readers,

For a New Year Special issue based on the theme, ‘Parsipanu’, it wasn’t easy putting my finger on the one element or ideology that best symbolised this word. I’ve been pondering, pouring through innumerable, delightful mails and letters sent in by readers, going through fabulous articles by our writers and columnists – but it was finally one line that hit the spot with ‘bingo’ precision. Not surprisingly, it came from none other than our celebrity columnist, Cyrus Broacha, who writes, in his inimitable laugh-riot of an article, “You can take the Parsi out of India (Canada, Persia or Australia), but you can’t take the Parsi out of the Parsi!” And that, for me, was ‘Parsipanu’ bang on!

We truly are unique in ways not many can comprehend, and yet we are loved even more dearly for it, by all and ourselves! It goes way beyond the obvious – like our much-appreciated global achievements and national contributions in terms of philanthropy, industry, medicine, patriotism, education and so much more – that does our nation and our Community proud. I’m talking about our unique quirks and adorable OCDs, that we, not just staunchly hold on to, but wholeheartedly celebrate… like how all hell breaks loose when the ‘Pao-walo’ and the ‘Bai’ don’t show up – sending us into inconsolable depression, and how ‘Eeda’ (eggs) are, single-handedly, the ultimate, anti-depressants in every Parsi household; Or how we suffer-yet-nurture this inexorable need to park our vehicles right under our buildings in the Baug – even a couple of buildings ahead just won’t do! Or how we could get Einstein himself to raise a brow with our very own ‘Parsi Law of Physics’, which determines how the amount of ‘Peramni’ is directly proportional to the choice of caterer, or how, in fact, the caterer is the leading factor that determines which lagan/navjote to attend, when you’re stuck with multiple invitations! Or then, no matter what the hubby says, how, deep inside, the Parsi wife knows, she will always come in third – after his bike and his mummy! And how, for every mummy, even her forty-five-year-old will always be a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ (mohro Nallo / mohri Nalli) – especially when it comes to Matrimonial listings; Or how our legendary love for cleanliness – which doesn’t allow family members at the dinner table or on the bed, till they’re all cleaned up – takes a backseat to our legendary love for our pooches, which allows ‘Fido’ to sprawl all over that velvet sofa and our freshly-made beds (with spanking new sheets), just after he’s returned from a good romp in the mud! …and how the family tacitly conspires to strike names off the future invite list of friends who make faces when they see Fido all over the furniture; needless to say, those who are insolent enough to have expressed it, are instantly excommunicated!

There’s so much more where that came from… but in it all, what stands out strikingly, and so often saves the day, is our ability to laugh at it all and at ourselves! Friends, it is yet again my privilege to present you our Bumper Parsi New Year Special issue, which celebrates our blessed Parsipanu; it will make you smile, laugh, get reflective, and hopefully add value to more than just your weekend, and augment the New Year cheer and celebration.

With gratitude as an integral part of Parsipanu, I thank our brilliant writers, old and new, for further enhancing our much-appreciated content; as also our generous Advertisers for their continued support. And the biggest thank you of them all, to YOU – our readers and well-wishers – for empowering us with your unbending patronage to deliver you the truth, week after week, and justify your faith in us as the Community’s Number One Weekly!

On behalf of Team Parsi Times, Sal Mubarak to all! And Khordad Sal Mubarak as well!

– Anahita

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