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When it comes to Traditional, Ethnic or Western men’s wear in our Community, one needs not look beyond Kaizad Wadia’s fine fashion and perfect fits.  He dresses his eclectic range of clients with impeccable style and timeless grace – be it our traditional wear like Daglis, or the more formal custom clothing like Blazers, Trouser and Shirts. Kaizad Wadia’s globally renowned designs and couture has been servicing the European markets with bespoke clothing for over a decade now.

To ensure you look your absolute best, especially through the oncoming festive season, connect with Kaizad Wadia at + 91 9833619246


Expensive Suit Fabric does not guarantee a great looking suit! There are two cost aspects to getting the perfect suit for yourself – first: the Suit Fabric; and second: the Styling and Tailoring (Cut and Stitching). So, which of these two aspects should get the greater attention of your budget?

Let us understand one thing clearly when it comes to Cost of Tailoring versus Cost of Fabric – one of the most common mistakes we make is that we are willing to spend on Good Suiting Fabric, but when it comes to Tailoring (stitching), we tend to have a much smaller budget! We tend to purchase Suiting fabrics between 10,000/- to even 75,000/-, but then have the Suit fabric stitched under Rs. 6,000/-! This is simply a Bad and Unbalanced Equation!

Agreed, the quality of the Suiting Fabric is important, but it is NOT all-important! How the suit looks on you, how the sleeves of your jacket has been attached, how your suit is styled and how it accentuates your strengths; and finally the quality finish of your Suit…. all of this has nothing to do with the fabric, and everything to do with the ‘Cutting, Stitching and Styling’ or the Tailoring of your suit.

How the suiting fabric is Cut, as per your measurements, and then sewn together is a highly skilled job.  When you pay less for the cut of your suit, it is cut and stitched by less experienced and lesser skilled tailor. Today, the price for having a well-stitched suit ranges from Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-.
More attention on the Cut of the Suit and its Styling details, compared with the ongoing trends, should be given more or equal importance, as that is literally makes your suit unique, and in turn makes you and your personality plush!

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