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When it comes to Traditional, Ethnic or Western men’s wear in our Community, one needs not look beyond Kaizad Wadia’s fine fashion and perfect fits.  He dresses his eclectic range of clients with impeccable style and timeless grace – be it our traditional wear like Daglis, or the more formal custom clothing like Blazers, Trouser and Shirts. Kaizad Wadia’s globally renowned designs and couture has been servicing the European markets with bespoke clothing for over a decade now. To ensure you look your absolute best, especially through the oncoming festive season, connect with Kaizad Wadia at + 91 9833619246


Men have complained about ties for ages – it can feel binding and hot, like a colorful noose, leading to feeling constricted by traditional looks. But even with the rising stardom of guys wearing athleisure, wearing a suit will never die. Are you a man who dislikes ties? Is it advisable to wear a suit without one? Can you do so and yet still look stylish and appropriately dressed? Far from one-size-fits-all, the wrong tie (in the wrong place, at the wrong time) can be just as bad for your look as any ill-fitting blazer. It pays to know your stuff.

But to first answer whether a suit/blazer should be worn with or without a tie – the answer is YES! To both! A Suit and a Blazer can be worn with and without a tie. Since it is common knowledge that wearing a suit with a tie makes it more formal, the best time to wear a Tie is for business conferences, job interviews and at formal social gatherings like marriages, etc. Even so, the notion that a suit or a blazer should only be worn with a Tie is outdated; wearing a suit without a Tie makes its own statement. It shares the causal as well as the professional appeal and can look every bit classy!

Here are a few tips to undo those ‘tie’d up knots and up your tailoring game when it comes to rocking your suit or blazer without a Tie:

 Ensure the colour of your shirt is in contrast to your suit colour. Eg. if your suit is a dark colour (like dark grey or navy blue), your shirt should be a light colour (like white, pastel blue or lemon).

 Your shirt collar should not flop down. Have your collar hold itself up – this gives a sharp look. Generally readymade shirts do not hold your shirt collar up, as a result protraying a collapsed look with a flopped down collar. To have your collar hold itself up, have your shirt professionally tailored for you, with proper attention on your collar to ensure that sharp look.

 The Collar stand should be higher than your normal formal shirts by half an inch – this extra height helps in framing your face a lot better than a normal collar stand would. This is important as this little adjustment of a higher collar stand compensates for the missing tie.

 The most important aspect for Rocking your suit or blazer without a Tie is to have a Pocket Square showing from your suit or blazer chest pocket. Pocket Square should only be in Satin or Linen (Solid Colours or prints as well). The minute your Suit or your Blazer displays a Pocket Square, you tell the world you really wanted to wear the Suit or the blazer that you have on, and it was not worn by necessity or force on like a uniform!

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