Worth And Not Birth Imparts True Nobility

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla

With pride and gratefulness do I look backward to my early illustrious ancestors in Ancient Iran and to my renowned forebears in India, who have made my community and its glory by their memorable achievements. Priceless is the inheritance of their exemplary lives. Ennobling are the cherished memories of their illustrious names. Never will I behave in a way as to tarnish the glorious name of my community. Not in mere words will I boast of my renowned ancestry. I will revive in me the virtues that, shone in my fathers and which made them great. So will I live my life that my deeds may recall theirs.

High character and nobility of life are better than high birth and nobility of birth. If I have nothing more of my own acquiring to recommend me to others than only the pride of my Kianian blue blood and the prestige of lineage, I have not lived well. Birth stands for mere accident. Worth relies upon real achievement.

I will not lean upon the famous names of my ancestors. I will not vaunt a renowned lineage. I will not live by the fame of my fathers. I will lay the firm foundation of the fortress of the fame of my family by my own praiseworthy accomplishments. By my own honest efforts and virtuous conduct will I strive to deserve name and fame. By the life of my own good and great deeds and by the merit of my own, will I create and build a name for me that history may record with honor.

Help me, Ahura Mazda, to be great in myself by my own worth. Help me to shine by virtue of my own. Help me to leave for my descendants, what my ancestors have left for me!


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