Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla Republishes ‘Mazda – Yasna’ For Community Youth

The popular and much needed prayer book, ‘MAZDA – YASNA’, the little prayer book which comprises some of the fundamental, daily prayers in Roman script with English translation, has been re-published by Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla, in loving memory of his dear wife, Late Villoo Cyrus Poonawalla, for FREE distribution within the Zoroastrian community.

 This will be of tremendous importance to those in our Community who are unable to read the Gujarati script – especially young children and the youth – as it will encourage them to attempt reciting the Zoroastrian Prayers with true understanding and true faith.

As per Dr. Poonawalla, “The need arises when children, the young and some elders, are unable to recite prayers – especially the Yasht and the Niyaish, etc – from the thick Khordeh Avesta, even if it’s in English, and find difficulty in the pronunciation. This – ‘My Little Prayer Book’ – could be a personal possession one is able to carry everywhere. It has a bit more information within to guide the user. We are covering all of India’s Anjumans and most Parsi schools and groups in Mumbai, XYZ, etc.  Parsi baugs could revert to us with their details. We hope the young and the elders like myself shall now be encouraged to use this little prayer book more often! Pray less – Pray correct!”

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