PZSM Inaugurates Zappy Zoroastrians

To further their long-standing community services in Pune, the PZSM (Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal) inaugurated yet another much appreciated and needed activity, on 7th September, 2019 – special weekly classes for tots titled ‘Zappy Zoroastrians’, for Zoroastrian children in and around Pune. The fortnightly classes will be held on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month and will impart the fundamentals of our Zoroastrian religion, including prayers, our history, culture and traditions, as also spoken and written Gujarati. It will also promote creative arts like drawing and elocution amongst children. On the lines of ‘bhanva ganva na classes’, the inauguration of ‘Zappy Zoroastrians’ saw the participants having a gala time with Trustees and volunteers. PZSM look forward to a comprehensive response from parents for Zoroastrian children in and around Pune.

Established in 1940, the PZSM (Poona Zarthosti Seva Mandal) has been providing Pune’s underprivileged Zoroastrians means of livelihood and empowerment to be self-sufficient by teaching them skills which could further their chances of gainful employment in industries including sewing, knitting and embroidery work, culinary art, etc. With one of its primary focuses on women empowerment, PZSM also promotes religious, moral, social and hygienic welfare of Zoroastrians by arranging for lectures and meetings, regularly, with experts and prominent speakers from various fields sharing, their wisdom. PZSM also extends monthly financial aid to deserving cases for medical, education and poverty relief.

The PZSM requests the Zoroastrian community, in and around Pune, to encourage their children to attend ‘Zappy Zoroastrians’ and gain from the offered services. In the future, additional children’s activities like competitions, picnics, get together and other celebrations are in the pipeline which will foster bonding of children with their families alongside providing learning.

To augment its resources, PZSM offers Sudreh, kasti, Parsi Caps, Parsi artifacts, Parsi garas and kurtis, agarbatti, loban, floating lamps, prayer books, gift items, pickles and masalas, etc. PZSM is headed by President Rukshana Anklesaria, with Trustees Ratush Wadia, Roshan Chindhy, Minie Grant, Mabrin Nanavatty and Tehmasp Bharucha; and volunteers Dilmeher Bhola, Shiraz Desai and Hutoxi Sethna.

For details and enrolling children, community members can contact the office of PZSM on (020) 26140105.


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