The Best Of Iran With Dini Travels

Every year, a number of our humdins visit our original motherland – Iran – for religious, cultural and nostalgic reasons. ‘Dini Travels’, founded by Diniar Mehta, is the Community’s First Choice as travel/tour operator for all such travel-packages to Iran, as it ranks highest when it comes to customer satisfaction in terms of all aspects – Destinations Offered, Affordability and Economical Budgeting; and providing Unconditional Customer Convenience to ensure all passengers the experience of a lifetime! Parsi Times catches up with Diniar Mehta about the oncoming Iran tour in November.


PT: Tell us about Dini Travels and the Iran Tours

Diniar: I have been conducting tours to Iran for almost 30 years now. I’ve been in the Tours and Travels business since 1971. I started organizing one-day trips to Udvada on Behram Roj and other auspicious days and Mumbai’s 7 Agiaries Tour during Muktads. These tours became immensely popular making Dini Travels a trusted, household name. As my clientele increased, they inspired me to start the Iran Tours for our community members who wish to visit our motherland. We focus on religious and historical places of interest and also give due importance to entertainment and adventures, making the tour a great mix of pilgrimage and a fun vacation.

More than all else, I am here to serve my community and feel blessed to cater to their special needs. I will also be delighted to answer all queries – so please do not hesitate to approach me.

PT: What makes Dini Travels stand apart from the rest?

Diniar: We go to great lengths to ensure our customers’ comfort – by traveling in world class airlines; ensuring all accommodations are either 4 or 5 Star; and providing excellent all-Iranian cuisine and specialities (veg and non-veg) inclusive of all three mails on all days, as well as free snacks! We also provide internal flights in the Tour, saving on one’s time and energy.

Only Dini Travels gives passengers the opportunity to explore the countryside by providing them with Air-conditioned train journeys and luxurious Coupe cars. We provide wheel-chair assistance throughout the tour for senior citizens and for the physically challenged, thus enabling even the very elderly to visit Iran. Our tour boasts of senior passengers up to 90 years of age! In fact, we have a lady in her late eighties who has travelled with 7 times with us and has booked herself again for the next upcoming tour! We limit our group to 20 and 25 people, thereby ensuring personalised service. On request, we also take special groups customised with dates, month and places of their choice and the group could be as small as 15 passengers. We prepare a detailed Iran Tour Brochure for each passenger, which serves as a lifetime souvenir for them with happy memories. Most importantly, we provide our passengers the unique opportunity to witness a ‘Jashan ceremony at Mount Damavand’ in the Iranian style, performed by local Iranian priests.

PT: Tell us about the itinerary

Diniar: As the leading Tour operators to Iran, we focus on both religious and historical places of interest and also give due importance to entertainment and adventures, making the tour a great mix of both pilgrimage and a fun-filled vacation, with different types of rides such as Ghora Gari (which we used to enjoy in Mumbai during our father’s and grandfather’s times), Open Cable Car, Tram Car and Boat rides.

The Itinerary is carefully planned – we fly from Mumbai to Tehran and some of the places we visit include Damavand, Shiraz, Persepolis, Takht-e-Jamshid, Abarkoh, Yazad, Cham, Zainabad, Sharfabad, Flying Fires, Isfahan, Kashan (for the World’s Best Rose Water), Hanadan, Caspian Sea, Nowshahr, Chalous, Mashad, Tus and Charlie Darreh.

PT: When do you hold the Iran tours?

Diniar: Tours to Iran are 15 days long and held in May and October/November – in keeping with the pleasant weather. Moreover, it’s vacation time in India, so children can also come along with their parents and grandparents – making it a complete family vacation. The next tour is scheduled from 4th November to 18th November, 2019. 

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