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When it comes to Traditional, Ethnic or Western men’s wear in our Community, one needs not look beyond Kaizad Wadia’s fine fashion and perfect fits.  He dresses his eclectic range of clients with impeccable style and timeless grace – be it our traditional wear like Daglis, or the more formal custom clothing like Blazers, Trouser and Shirts. Kaizad Wadia’s globally renowned designs and couture has been servicing the European markets with bespoke clothing for over a decade now. To ensure you look your absolute best, especially through the oncoming festive season, connect with Kaizad Wadia at + 91 9833619246

The black tuxedo, invented in the late 1800s, was once the only gentlemanly option for special formal events. In recent years, bolder colors, creative styles and fashionable suits have replaced the staid look. Here’s a quick Q&A on Tuxedos with Kaizad Wadia!

Q: From where does the Tuxedo get its name?

Kaizad: Oddly enough it gets its name from a place! In October of 1886, a young fashion rebel named Griswold Lorillard created a stir by wearing a tail-less jacket to a white-tie-and-tails ball, at an exclusive country club event, located at ‘Tuxedo Park’, New York. Appalled by this blatant disrespect towards tradition, the conservative host kicked Lorillard and his friends out of the party. But, Lorillard’s jacket had just kickstarted a new trend – the tail-less adaptation of the jacket – rechristened the Tuxedo or the Tux – grew in popularity because society was tired of the fastidious tail coat.

Q: Does it go by any other popular name?

Kaizad: A Tuxedo is also known as a Dinner Jacket in the UK.

Q: How does one differentiate a Tuxedo from a Regular Jacket?

Kaizad: The best way to identify a Tuxedo from a Regular Jacket is when the lapel of the Jacket is made of Black Satin. Either a Shawl lapel or Peak lapel. A Tuxedo should not be in a Notch lapel. Also, a Tuxedo should always be made with only 1 button for closure and with Black Satin buttons.

 Q: Which Dress Code / occasion does the Tux fit in?

Kaizad: It is one of the most formal ways to be dressed. In India, it should be worn by the groom on his engagement or wedding day.

Q: What colours can it be worn in?

Kaizad: The standard colour for a formal Tuxedo is always Black. However, another popular colour it can be made in is Night Blue. In fact, lately, Tuxes are being explored made in more creative designs and colours.

Q: What can we pair with a Tux?

Kaizad: Tuxedo is paired with Black trousers, with a Black Satin Strip on the side. You may avoid the black satin strip, but always pair it with Black trousers. A Tuxedo should always be worn with a Bowtie and a Pin Tux-Shirt.

Q: Do you offer Tuxedos?

 Kaizad: Yes, absolutely! It’s one of our most sought-after specialties – we call it ‘The Royal Tuxedo’. What makes it so successful in India and especially in the UK, is that we go into great detail to customize it – in terms of cuts, fashion, colour, accessories, et al – to bring out the very best of our client’s personality.

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