Uran’s Umrigar Agiary Celebrates 115th Salgreh

On 8th October, 2019 (Daepdin Roz, Ardibehest Mah), over five hundred young and old Zarthostis from Surat, Mumbai, New Mumbai and Thane gathered to celebrate the 115th Salgreh of Umrigar Agiary, at Uran. The Havan Geh buoy bells in the Kebla rang at 7:20 am, signifying the presence of Er. Viraf Pavri fulfilling his buoywala Dasturji services for the day. The Salgreh-nu-Jashan, which began at 10:00 am, was performed by brothers – Er. Hoshedar and Er. Adi Zaroliwalla, as the atmosphere in the Agiary filled with divine sounds of prayers and the fragrance of sandalwood. The Agiary’s caretaker, Kersi Sui, and his family ensured all attendees received Chasni in the form of fruits and malido for the Salgreh Jashan.

A change in location post the Jashan, to the main ground of the Agiary where attendees were enjoying breakfast, saw Marzban Wadia keeping the Zarthostis rapt in attention with his announcements thanking Kersi Sui – the sole caretaker to this Agiary, for his tireless efforts round the year, keep Zarthostis coming in every year to attend the Salgreh function. Marzban Wadia requested all to also contribute to the noble cause of Umrigar Agiary, just as Kersi Sui has been doing for decades now. Parsi songs entertained the crowd as they had lunch catered by Ketayun Bomi Khambata.

Kersi Sui thanked Parsi Times for creating awareness about the Umrigar Agairy amongst Zarthostis as many didn’t know about its existence. He shared how he added to its infrastructure needs each year, like the construction of a new toilet block for pilgrims to convenience attendees during the Salgreh function. For such new constructions and regular annual maintenance, he humbly appeals to Zarthostis to come forward and donate for a noble cause.

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