Vispi Kharadi Sets 2 World Records In Kudo Tourney

Bends 21 Iron Rods at 90 Degrees In Just 1 Minute! Youths Perform Daredevil Stunt On 9-LAYER BED of 5,600 NAILS!!


Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar planned the Kudo World Tournament at Indoor Stadium, in Surat, to encourage martial arts, this week. Over 5,000 Kudo players from several countries across the world participated in the event. Two world records were set by our Community’s Indian champ – Vispi Kharadi – the ‘Most Layered Nail-Bed Sandwich’ and ‘Most Iron Rods Bent’ were set at Surat.

On the eve of 23rd October, 2019, Vispi Kharadi and his team set two new world records at Indoor Stadium, Surat, in the Kudo Tournament. Vispi Kharadi, with his neck, bent 21 iron rods, each weighing 900 grams and one metre long, at 90 degrees, in just one minute. He thus, handsomely broke the previous record set by a Russian sportsman – that of bending 12 rods in one minute.

The second record set in this tournament was the Most Layered Nail Bed Sandwich. Led by Guinness world record holder and martial arts expert, Vispi Kharadi with his nine-member team, comprising  Jackie, Abubakar, Bhavesh, Khushru, Jamshed, Manan, Darayes and Rameez, performed a deadly stunt, with 5,600 nails, making a 9-layered bed. They placed the bed of nails on their chest and back and slept on top of each other. The men stacked on top of each other with four-to-six inches of nails placed between them, as an audience watched them create history. This is the world’s most dangerous stunt. In 2017, they had made an 8-layer nail bed sandwich, with eight participants. By making a 9-layer bed sandwich, they broke their own record this year!

Akshay Kumar awarded the prizes to students and encouraged them.

[Translated from Gujarati to English by Marzban Giara, Courtesy: Sandesh (24-10-2019)]

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