Why Sports Should Be Part Of Your Daily Routine

Sports is a crucial part of our growth and development – in terms of mental health and physical fitness. One gains numerous skills, experiences and most importantly, confidence, which develops a winning personality. Here are 5 Top reasons you should include Sports in your daily life:

  1. Improves Your Physical And Mental Health: Outdoor sports like football, cricket, tennis, keep the body and mind active and engaged; indoor games like chess, badminton and table tennis enhance the concentration levels.
  2. Empowers You With Life Skills:It enhances your capabilities and develops social skills. It prunes up decision-making ability, Leadership skills and makes you a Team player.
  3. Time Management and Discipline:Sports inculcates constructive use of time and builds discipline as a major personal characteristic.
  4. Handling Winning And Losing: Sports is about fair play and believing in equality and justice, more than about winning. IT helps you accept defeat in a positive competitive spirit and encourages you to strive harder next time.
  5. Self-ConfidenceBoost: Scoring or missing a goal, or performing in front of a crowd takes focus and patience and teaches you to imbibe the right attitude – which leads to a boost in self-confidence and nurturing a never-say-die attitude.

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